Friday, July 13, 2018

I Did It Again.....

Last year I entered the Cherrywood Fabrics Challenge

The theme was Van Gough using their hand dyed blues.

It had to read 70% blue, be 20" square and be reflective of Van Gogh.

I was a finalist 
it made it in their book!!

It's actually still on tour.

My family tried to get me to one of the viewings when it was in Minnesota this summer 
there is never a dull day around this farm.

I couldn't drag them that far for a quick peak.

This years challenge was purple.

Like BLUE...Purple is my 'next' favorite color!!

This was my entry for a quilt based on Prince (the singer)

I called it 'Let It Rain'

The list was published this morning at 4am!!

Third of the list!!!


If you want to see the real thing before it goes touring.....

Mom and I are off to the lake today

To set up the artisan cabin for the weekend
Moose Mountain Park,Sk

Come for a visit today or tomorrow!!


Saturday, July 7, 2018

A Whole Lot of Haying Going on!!

July 7!!!!!! 

Where are the days going??

We have been thrust into the thick of haying.

Quite the difference from last year where we had NO hay....

This is the heaviest hay I have ever cut!!

So if you don't hear from me for another stretch,

You know where to find me....the tractor!!

Last weekend was crazy busy....

We celebrated our grandson, Jaxon's 5th birthday!!

Arnold's mom's 80th birthday

Just some of  Marie's grandchildren.....

all grown up with kidoos of their own!!

We made a picture frame which everyone had a whole lot of fun with!!

My daughter Chantel and her boys....


Justin and his cousins, Gordon and Scott

We do have a third child....Jeremy but he always seems to duck out!!

We asked Chantel and Gordon to take pics with our phones.....

We got a whole lot of this.....

A couple of goof balls!!

I gave Marie her portrait of when she was 16 
was in the running for Fair Queen in Estevan,Sk.

I think she liked it.

I didn't know purple was her favorite color till I saw her flowers!!

We celebrated Canada Day with a trip to Kenossee Lake to the Artisan Cabins

Ken Frederickson is working on  a few new pieces.

Loved his incorporation of little bears on the back of this bear's head

Margaret Delainey is back!!

She broke her knee last year and was out for the whole season!!

She has some of her daughter's pics at the cabin this year!

It added a new flair!!

Shirley Rumble is also a resident painter in one of the cabins.

Love her works!!

Shirley is 83 years young!! 

She is such a fire cracker!!
She skunked Arnold in 3 games of cards...

If you get time, go to the lake and check out the artisans!!

Hope your summer is off to a great start!!

Got to pack my lunch.....

You know...Make hay while the sun shines!