Friday, July 13, 2018

I Did It Again.....

Last year I entered the Cherrywood Fabrics Challenge

The theme was Van Gough using their hand dyed blues.

It had to read 70% blue, be 20" square and be reflective of Van Gogh.

I was a finalist 
it made it in their book!!

It's actually still on tour.

My family tried to get me to one of the viewings when it was in Minnesota this summer 
there is never a dull day around this farm.

I couldn't drag them that far for a quick peak.

This years challenge was purple.

Like BLUE...Purple is my 'next' favorite color!!

This was my entry for a quilt based on Prince (the singer)

I called it 'Let It Rain'

The list was published this morning at 4am!!

Third of the list!!!


If you want to see the real thing before it goes touring.....

Mom and I are off to the lake today

To set up the artisan cabin for the weekend
Moose Mountain Park,Sk

Come for a visit today or tomorrow!!



  1. That's great. I knew it would be a contender.

  2. I am one of the organizers of Quilts at the Creek, an outdoor quilt show in Toronto every summer at Black Creek Pioneer Village, and we will be displaying these quilts at our show in 2019. I saw your name on the list- congratulations!


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