Wednesday, September 19, 2018

My Tula Pink Butterfly

I thought I would participate in the fun over 

Amy is hosting a Quilter's Blog Festival!!

Be sure to go check out the amazing quilts over there!!

When I saw this pattern 
by Tula Pink .....
I really wanted it to do it.

But Pink is just not me...

Now on the other hand.....

 Blue and Browns in Batiks.....

I wasn't sure it was going to work
they always make more fabric....

I am also the luckiest person in the world
my friend, Terry Whitman is an amazing custom longarmer!!

She brought out all the details of this beauty!!

I especially love the feathered feelers!!

And the filler in the background...

I was also VERY lucky that Terry had purchased the same pattern 
MY book was missing the 4 middle pages.

I had the start and end but was lost in the middle!!

This butterfly won't be migrating anywhere!!



  1. This is absolutely gorgeous! I love your take on this pattern and that you were brave enough to try such an out of the box color scheme for the pattern. :D

  2. I love butterfly quilts of any kind. What a stunning quilt you've made!

  3. astonishingly beautiful....beautiful quilting...

  4. Absolutely love your non-pink version. I've always admired this pattern and after seeing yours, I may just have to try it!

  5. Stunning version of this famous quilt pattern! Great job! And yes, love those antennae!

  6. I love how you made it your own! I have the pattern but I never thought to check the pages...gosh I hope I'm not missing any! One day I'll make it but there is a long line-up before I get there.

  7. I love it in your colors! And the quilting is wonderful - what a great quilt!

  8. I loved this quilt from the first time you posted the finish!

  9. I love the blue and brown together but have never used them to compliment each other. You did just that. I'm not a pink person either.

  10. So very pretty. I love the colors you chose.

  11. I think your color combination does much more for the pattern than the pink. This is beautiful.


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