Friday, November 16, 2018

International Quilt Festival 2018....part 1

You know winter is coming when you see the snow geese coming through...

So it was a great day for the three of us to hit the road to Houston!!

Sandi, Charlene and Christa
(Jymmi Kaye took the long way to Houston but finally made it a day late)

When you can be in this in the morning....

and this in the afternoon who wouldn't want to???

But if you ever go.... you will probably want a little of this.....

You need energy to hit the ground running!!

My first class was with Doug Leko of Antler Quilt Designs

He started in the quilting market when he was 11!!!

We teased him about being 17 now!!

I think he's a little older but amazing how far he has come already!!

He taught us about his new rulers and book on using fat quarters to make his quilts

in this new book, Stashtastic.

It has a scrappy version as well as an organized version of each quilt!!

It was great to meet him!

Festival is HUGE....

This is a glimpse of all the quilts to look at!!

Tula Pink had a fabulous and colorful booth...

I have been waiting to buy Alaska by Edyta Star!!

I LOVE... LOVE.... LOVE stars!!
I am such a fan of Paula Nadelstern

Her kaleidoscopes are amazing!!

I wanted to take her class on bedazzling some of her fabrics 
they were booked right up....

Her colors are so brilliant!!

Might have to see if I can do it on my own....

I had taken a class on 30/60 degree quilts a few years ago.

I was blown away with her detail and had not touched it since.

Then I attended her lecture on this technique again...

I had an ah-ha moment and am ready to tackle this again!!

Sorry for the distortion....

This is Jymmi Kaye, Sandi and Charlene 
 they watched me stroll through Market

They could not come in so they were teased looking through the big windows!!

My next class was about the color wheel.

I know what I like but feel like I should branch out into some other colors...

June Colburn lived in Japan for awhile 
 is an excellent collage quilter

I think I got a few more hints on putting colors together...

The best part of this class was dyeing silk...

Who knew you get a different color....

 if you add blue to red vs red to blue???

yellow to blue vs blue to yellow???


Yellow to red or red into yellow??

Or adding a touch of black to primary color...

I learned alot!!!

There is free shuttle that takes to the show from the Downtown hotels.

The first morning we met Lisa from B.C.
almost every day we would see her!!

Hope Lisa had a great time!!!

till tomorrow...


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