Tuesday, February 19, 2019

2019 Winter Retreat at Circle Square Ranch

Look at these socks Colette wore for the kick off of 4 fun filled days at Retreat!!

They say "You Crafty Bitch"

What can you get when you take 21 quilters 
 4 days of cooking free sewing??

A whole lot of show and tell!!
Sandi got a few quilts from Terry back all quilted up!!

They were beautiful as always!!

Deb has been a machine since we last saw her creations back in October!!

Six new quilts plus the ones she was working on at retreat!!

Heather is also a woman on a mission!!

She had decided she was going to get all her UFO's done before retreat!

SEVEN quilts to show!!

We had a few new girls this time!

MJ was one of them!

I think she said she did this one a few years ago.

It's off to Terry's to become a real finished quilt!

This was MJ's first retreat and I think she quite enjoyed it.

Terri (with an I) is working on a quilt with 365 little buildings and vehicles.

This block took the help of Vanna 

She was about 1/2 done! They were pretty cute.

Jane made an Amy Butler Weekender bag

and a project bag. 
(she needs about 17 more as she has quite a few projects on the go at once)

Colleen loves selvage
(although I think she is getting sick of them at this point)

This was a mat for under her featherweight.

I was the lucky recipient at Christmas to receive on these for my machine!

It was also Bonnie's first retreat. 

She also thoroughly enjoyed herself and is on the list for the next one!

Dot is a long time member of our retreats. 

She always has a few quilts to show using up scraps.

The fronts are as nice as the backs!

Shelby made a baby quilt with bunnies

Charlene finished a quilt from her Alaska travels

I am not sure what happened to this one....

But if you squint...

It's Charlene's herford portrait

Charlene also made a mat for under her machine with pockets for items.

Heather did a tonal quilt

Her back was beautiful too!!

Chris made a shadow box quilt

Theresa made a music themed quilt for her husband

Colette had a few blocks finished for her quilt

Terry has been a bag queen. 

She no longer owns the bag on the floor.

She made a trade with Shelby for some custom made buttons by Shelby's husband!

Terry made this Jacqueline De Jong quilt

It was quilted fabulously!!

Norma took two dahlia panels and made this beautiful quilt

That was Friday night Show and Tell!!

We were lucky to have

 Angela Denys and Taja Rooks of Add a Metre Popup Shop,

 come sell us their wares on Saturday morning!

I think it was worth their while!!
Sunday morning we had a quick 'what did you work on' show and tell

I did some Christmas tree napkins...

Anita got her string quilt all sewn up..

Heather completed her deer quilt

Terri finished this one

MJ got a good start on this one...

Norma got all these blocks into a quilt

Jane finished her Jenny Beyers...

Charlene finished her runners

and a bow tie quilt

That's what you can complete when you stay up till 3:30 am!!

Deb completed her dresdens...

Terry'sTula Pink Butterfly has gotten her wings!!


She also finished a jelly roll quilt

this quilt!!!

Chris got the finishing touches done on a Hoffman panel.

as well as a tribute to Canada

Theresa has a good start on a bargello

This was a baby quilt Shelby was working on

Heather finished her stars

Colleen made a new roll bag...

All in all - it was a fun and food filled weekend with more good friends!!

On the way home,
Charlene noticed the car in the ditch to be one of our own!!

MJ had slipped off the road!!

We stopped to see if we could help the guys
 had already were started in the extraction.

Charlene jumped into action with a shovel!!

The farm girls we are....

We had tow ropes, clevises, shovels.

We told the guys we will get our extra tow rope 
hook my truck on and use two.

You know we are farm girls when you hear Charlene say 

'Let me get my jack knife to open up the new tow rope!!'

Just then a Saskpower 1 ton came and before you know it was had MJ out!!

We all arrived home safe and sound.

It was a weekend full of laughs and good stories!!

I wasn't even home an hour and our first calf was born!!

The cows know when it's safe to start calving!!

Healthy and happy in this bitterly cold weather!!

Nothing like a newborn calf to make your heart smile!!
Let the games begin...

Only 58 days left of calving!!