Thursday, February 14, 2019

Final Stop...Cabo San Lucas

In Cabo, the lifeboats were dropped 
we were the first ones on a tender to head into the harbour!

Kind of gives you a feeling of what it might be like
there was an actual emergency!

Anita, Bill and Terry from Ontario, Arnold and our Bill and I 

This was a very early stop. 

It was 7am so it was quite cool.

We hoped for a beach day but that was not going to happen.

It wasn't -35C but we were already wearing our towels 
we weren't even wet yet!!

We eyed up the Senior Froggies for after our little glass bottom boat tour!

For 12$/person we hired Miguel

to take us out to see...


Seal lions...

The sandstone cliffs were cool...

One side of this opening is Cortez Sea and the other is the Pacific

The Arches....

I was impressed with Arnold....

He is not a fan of water THIS close 

I never even thought about it...we just loaded on the boat and we were off!!

He did very well!!

Our driver dropped us off ON the  Medano Beach

I CANNOT say that we gracefully disemebarked from the side of boat.

Thank goodness there was no one on the beach at the hour!!

We wandered the harbour all the way around back to where were started

This couple was getting a fish treatment...

The fish definitely thought the lady's feet were more tender!!

There were hardly any on the man's legs!!

This was a menu for the blind at Senor Frog's

Can't stop here without trying a margarita....

This hostel was in a perfect location to use the amenities of Senor's

No stop at Senor's is complete without some party hats either!!

It was back to the lifeboat...

and back to the ship...

We may need to come back to Cabo!!


Wednesday, February 13, 2019


This little piggie came a-cruising....

The Lori Holt Quiltalong for Farm Sweet Farm started while I was gone.

Thought I would try to keep up!!

But I was pretty distracted so he didn't get too far!!

In Acapulco, 

we hired a driver to see the list of sights we had compiled

First stop was to see the cliff divers

These guys are crazy..

They are also pensioned at around 26 years old 
are paid for the rest of their lives!!

In case you can't spot them...

Can't see them???

We toured some of the very old hotels.

These were favorite places of movies stars long gone

I am sure they were state of the art in their day!!

They were once the best views of the city

The Flamingo Hotel was pink everywhere...

John Wayne, Johnny Weissmuller(who played Tarzan), Cary Grant, Errol Flynn 
 just some of the stars who graced this hotel

The waters were so blue...

We carried on to the other side of the city.

There was a cross on the top of the mountain

Capilla De La Paz is a non denominational church 1200' above sea level

It could be seen from the ship....

Can you see the little guy painting this cross??

That gives you an idea of the scale of this cross!!

Arnold gave his shot at a spot on the pulpit...

It was quite the steep climb up to the top!!

Then we asked to see his market that he buys food...

He offered to let us out but we just wanted a drive by tour...

There was far too many army and police around.

That made us uneasy. 

He kept saying very safe come back one day!!

he paid off people at every gate and parking spot.

At this church he told us he will see if he could find a cop he knew to allow us to park...

we jumped out....

had a quick look...

and headed right back to the van

This was the closest pic I dared to take of the army,

 just hanging around playing on their phone

My friends back home were quick to let me know the temperature at home

I was quick to send them back the closest thing to a snow man in Mexico!!

I wanted a beach day at this spot but there was NO ONE on the beaches.

I think that was a sign!!
We all said Good Bye, Acapulco...we will never be back!!

Justin let me know AFTER the stop that Acapulco is the Murder capital of Mexico

Not sure we would have gotten off!!