Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Cruising through Winter...

We were able to escape a little... 
a lot of winter this year! 

Thank you to Justin for looking after the ranch 
everyone else who were on the back up list!

As usual....

We left home and had a flat tire! 

Had to put new tires on since.... no one had the same brand!!

Expensive kick off to a vacation! 

We flew to Miami to meet Arnold’s sister and bro in-law

We had stayed there before.

See that pool.....I was really looking forward to that!!

Anita thought she found it for a cheaper price so I cancelled my reservation

What a difference an 'A' or an 'E' can make!!

FORTUNA House was not the same hotel!!

There was no elevator and our room was on the 3rd floor. 

The window air conditioner didn’t keep up to Miami heat! 

This was not an area we cared to explore
 we laid low and snacked on Anita’s ding dongs and coke.

We showered standing on a towel as the shower was yucky!! 

Thank goodness it was only one night!  

This had only one place to go and that was better. 

We boarded the Norwegian Star heading to the Panama Canal 

The food was fabulous...

The service outstanding....

How can you not help but smile??

Free drinks...so Anita and I tried them all!!

 Spikes milkshakes to Martinis

There is nothing I love more than blue skies and water 

Our first stop was Cartegena, Columbia!

We hopped in a taxi and toured the city starting at the fort.

Does Arnold look 'Gangster' in that hat??

The Marcotte Mafia...

Arnold and Bill let us know THIS was more than a handful....

We stopped at old cathedrals

The colors were amazing

All the really warm countries have incredible color. 

The architecture gets me every time...

Old forts....

I didn't realize how much I missed the sound of birds....

Look at these two sharing!!

Nothing like being greeted by color!

This little rusty relic was sewing in the square 

That will be me in a few years...

Next we headed to Caribe Emeralds for a tour

I was born in May so this is my birthstone 

But I didn’t buy myself a gift!!

It was a hot and fun day!

We wandered back to the ship 

To continue our adventure towards the panama!

Got to love a sea day...



  1. Welcome home. Can't wait to see the rest of the holiday.

    1. Some kind of welcome....you could have at least saved some of the nice days for my arrival!!

  2. I've always thought Arnold looked gangster....even without the hat...


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