Saturday, February 9, 2019

Driving with Miss Daisy


The six of us hired a guide named Daisy.

She worked for Nicaragua Tours Team
she was not teaching.

School is out in Nicaragua also!

Her English was fabulous and she was alot of fun!!

She even took us to her house to see her pet chicken, Pigeon!!

We told her we are not your typical tourists....

we want to see where you buy your groceries...

where YOU live...

The REAL country!!

We started by seeing the active volcanoes from afar...

This brown field was peanuts that were being harvested as watched.

We saw all kinds of animals being taken to market...


We saw a couple of big pigs tied to the seat of a rickshaw 
was not fast enough for a pic!!

We had loaded Justin's pigs before we left and know the trouble that was!!

I can't imagine how they got those ones tied to the seat!!

Daisy stopped at the local "7-11" to buy us  Cervaza(beer)


I now with I had purchased these quilting magazines I saw there!!

They were cheap....

and interesting!!

I did by these cute little bird whistles just outside a church!

The little boy selling them asked me to buy from him.

I said I would look when I was done in the church.

When I came out, he said remember me lady??

How can you not buy from him??

Their money looks just like ours.

That's because the Canadian Mint makes their money, too!!

Check out HERE to see what other countries money is made in Canada!!

Daisy took us for a tour of a 'factory' 

that was making plantain chips and nachos by hand

These were ready to be delivered to the local shops!

They were quite good!!

We checked out the churches

The architecture is so incredible in this old countries...

There are priests and dignitaries buried in the walls of these old cathedrals

Can you imagine a mass with these all filled with priests?

This was the tomb of a very famous poet beloved by the country

I offered to take Arnold and Bill's confession but they passed....

There was a McDonalds in the middle of the court

Daisy showed us her market....

Those are some huge melons!!

They still wash clothes with a wash board. 

She said it was much gentler on clothes!

There was salted beef


Cows tongue...
I don't anything that can taste me back!!

This was cow udder....

She said she loved it!!

All kinds of fish...


These poor critters were alive and zip tied so they couldn't run away

Crabs and shell fish

Compared to Bali -  this market was spotless!!

I did see two shops of fabric 
I did not ask anyone to stop.

I know...can you believe it??

I passed up fabric??

These motor bike delivery guys delivered pizza and chicken.

Pizza Hut was expanded into new markets!!

This was a probably one of the funnest days on our trip.

Daisy was such a good guide!!
She sang a couple of songs
was a great singer!

She explained her country's political situation.

The President is Daniel Ortega and his wife is Vice.

Their children are the senate.

They control the Army.

We take our civil rights far too casual.

Can you imagine Canada run only by the Trudeaus???

We are lucky to live in a democratic system.

Don't forget that!!



  1. Was that a dead body??? With Rosa on the plate and all lit up? Wow! And I had no idea that Canada made other counties money!!

    1. There were a few dead bodies in our travels!! We make alot of money for the world!!

  2. Very interesting to see the real side of Nicaragua. Lovely produce at the market. I'm sure the meat is all good too but I'll leave it for others.


Thank you for reading and hope your enjoyed!!