Sunday, February 10, 2019

Next stop panama

The Panama Canal was a highway of ships....

You had to wait for your schedualed turn to go through the canals

These locomotives hooked on to our ship and tugged us through the gates

It was cool to see the next ship

 right behind us in the lock we just passed through

Sorry for the dirty windows
(I was feeling right at home...just like my windows!!)

Barges and tankers were passing through the bigger locks besides us

It took us all day to pass through three sets of locks

 There were many difficult times building this with mudslides and  malaria,

It was impressive to see what engineers have created

We got to see a ship pass though besides us....

When it was completely in the lock....

The waters were released under this bridge...

so the gates could be opened to continue through

It was a massive amount of water churning through...

There were thousands of tourists on land watching us go through....

Once on the other side, we were now in the Pacific Ocean

Good bye, Atlantic!!


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