Saturday, May 4, 2019

Moose Jaw Quilt Show 2019

THE best part of a quilt show
 seeing all my quilting friends from far and wide.

It was so nice to visit with every one yesterday at the Moose Jaw Quilt Show!!
My second favorite part about this show was the HandQuilters!!

They put their names in hat 
 each month pull out a name to hand stitch one of that persons quilt.

I would love to join but they would not want my hand on their quilt!!

I loved their creativity in their stitches.

This was not 'stitch in the ditch' quilting!!

I can only imagine
 all the fabulous conversations they have had over the years.

No phones or tv....

just good old conversation amongst like minded women!! 

This is such a dying art.

So sad to see this tradition becoming a thing of the past.

I have such respect for this group of ladies!!

We have a Grandmothers flower garden quilt we have tried to hand quilt.

It's just not our 'thing'....

So we have arranged for this group to inherit it so it can get it's rightful glory!

These girls will make the flowers come alive!

We found this quilt interesting.

It was hearts made in different techniques 
signed by each member.

We loved that we actually knew a few of these members 

Like Marj Moore

Heather Grover's of course!! 

Look at this little field of wheat!!

Speaking of the amazing Heather Grover...

She made all the ribbons that were handed out at the show!!

How beautiful are these!!

Amazing little prairie points!!

I loved this little 4 patch posy.

We had an on going challenge in our group with this pattern!!

Hey, Norma Willows!! 

We found your winning quilt!!

Great job!!

I am really starting to love mini quilts!

Different color combinations....

This was another original pattern by Tannis Fahlman
Breaking Boundaries.

Tannis is the creator of the Jazzy Jelly Roll Quilt I just completed!

 I loved Wendy Findlay`s quilt called Ombre Overload

It was an amazing use of gradation fabrics!

It was an awesome day!!

We have been preparing for our quilt show on June 2, 2019

Stage one...clean the church!!

Stay tuned for a total transformation from Church to Tea

I am off to play with my new treasures!!


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