Thursday, August 15, 2019

Martha Cole's New Commision

If you are in Regina,Sk before August 20,2019,

be sure to swing by the Assiniboia Gallery
2266 Smith Street

Martha Cole has her latest work on exhibit till Tuesday

The Far Horizon by Martha Cole
This piece will be going to Stanford
it is a commission for the Children's Hospital

Pictures never do it justice!

Martha's work is always stunning!

The magic she can work with fabric and thread!!

While there we checked out the other works

There was a Time by Carl Schlademan

 I missed getting some of the names....

I apologize...

 You know how much I love blue...

I loved this piece!

Meet me at Midnight 
Kerry Langlois

There was all kinds of works including this stained glass

Dreamscapes But Big(ish)
Erin Ross

Usual Suspects 

Winter Wheat by Martha Cole

Make the time if you have it!

It's always refreshing to stop and smell the roses....

once in a while!

Thanks for the heads up, Shelby!

Now will someone turn off the taps so we can combine!?!?!


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