Thursday, December 5, 2019

Day 4 - Some of my Favorite Things

When I was in grade 3,

I had this bird brained idea I could sing. 

No one told me I couldn't.
(ps.I can't sing)

So my teacher had me sing 

"My Favorite Things"

at a talent show once. ONCE.

Got to say, it's not may favorite song any more!!

But some of my favorite things in sewing are...

Kaye Buckley Scissors

I have a few of the sizes but my favorite it definately the 6" blue ones!!

This Siletto was made by a local Artisan, Russell Moe

I love to use the stiletto for when I iron seams open...

NO burned fingers!!

When I have to mark things like stitching lines

These are the best!
They remove easily and they have a nice fine line!

For all your UN- sewing ,
the Clover Seam ripper is THE best! 

Sharp and fine.

Makes the job a breeze.

Just ask my friends I have unseamed for!!

I recently discovered this little puppy!

I do alot of paper piecing 
if you don't want to get up between each little seam....

This is the tool for you!! 

I really need two as I can never find it.

I have considered to put it on a lanyard!!

You would think I was a clover ambassador or something!

But when a company makes good things, I can't not tell you!! 

This is also a fabulous new find!!

This Sprayer/ Mister leaves such a nice fine mist!

With a couple of easy pumps it continually mists.

I gave mine to a friend and went back to my dollar store sprayer.


I had to get another!!

There are inposters out there so be sure to check to see if it has the internal bag!!

Mine is customized thanks to Justin! 

And most MOST favorite, used every day tool has to be my Olfa mini cutter

I do use the regular size now and again
this one gives you so much more control when cutting!!

I think I am caught up till....


Tuesday, December 3, 2019

31 Day Blog Challenge


 This will have to be my 29 day challenge
 I am behind schedule to begin with!!

hosting this challenge.

Check out her blog to see other fabulous bloggers and their sewing!

I will try to keep up!!
(no promises)

So...If you are new to my blog....

My name is Christa Marcotte

Most of the time I look more like this....

We live on a  organic grain and cattle farm in Saskatchewan.

When I am not haying, seeding or harvesting...

My favorite sport is Quilting.

I have a pretty amazing place to call my own!

It used to be three rooms that my dad and I renovated into a dream sewing space

There is light from all directions.

It's definitely my happy place.

If that wasn't enough space...

I recent took over another bedroom

to make space for a new to me long arm!!

It fits perfectly!!

So from where I sew.... we go to favorite machines!!

I have been a Pfaff girl for years
 recently crossed the road to try a Bernina

Bernina 770QE

It's a beast of a machine 
 is good since my large cat, Lucy likes to supervise

But I also have a Reliable Industrial Machine 

This puppy does 5000 stitches a minute. 

I remember meeting some girls from Holland at a quilt show.

They were telling us about how an industrial machine can't be beat!

They were right.

If you do mostly straight stitch, I would recommend getting one!

So straight and fast!!

Many days I have my embroidery machine going
I stitch up a storm on my industrial!

I also have a few other retreat machines like a featherweight and a passport!

Brenda King...

This is how you make double time in a Torquay day!!

That was Day1, 2 and 3!!


Monday, December 2, 2019

Holy Moly... December!!

Where has the year gone to??

To stay ahead of the pace, 

we got an early start to our guild's donation quilt 
 Ashworth's Bull Sale 

March 2020

All proceeds are donated to Stars Air Ambulance. 

To date, 

our quilts have raised well over 16,000$ for this charity!!

One of our past quilts was this Antelope Canyon Quilt

The pattern is by Laurie Shifrin.

This year, we decided to try it in a new colorway!!

Dit Dot Evolution 
Jason Yenter

The colors are vibrant and go well with black
(as approved by Lucy)

This was going to be a group project but after cutting it out,

It was apparent that this was going to need a legend to keep things organized!

It's now off to our in house talent, 

Terry Whitman to work her long arm magic!!

Can't wait to see it all quilted!!