Monday, December 31, 2012

Honey Bee Bag in Modern Vintage

I have loved this bag since I first saw it on Kristyne Czepuryk's  Pretty By Hand Blog.

I asked her if she had a pattern and the next week was the debute of her first official pattern!!

I had to have it!

I could see this in some Vintage Modern


 I just haaappppen to have a charm pack of!!

From this.....

to this!

Isn't it crazy how little fabric it takes and how much we have collected??

And yet we still don't have that perfect shade...

Quickly these hexies turn into stars.

This was a well written pattern with great pictures.

Love the cross hatching!

Even the handles were easy to make.

I always try to leave some selvage wording on every project.

It is history in the the stamp on the bottom of fine china.

I like the placement of this one!

The edges are bound for an interesting effect.

Although it doesn't call for one, I think I will put a zipper in it.

I love the finished project. I think this will be cute in StoneHenge!!

Thanks, Mom for the really cute cutting plate.

There will be snacks on this tonight!

While feeding the barn cats something caught my eye in the chicken coop window.

That window is pretty frost free!!

Looking more like a 'kitten' coop.

Let's hope the chickens and cats get along!

Here is to a creative and inspired 2013 to all!!

Hope to make it to Midnight!!

(and possibly... a kiss)


Sunday, December 30, 2012

Lessons Learned from My Critters

The horses are coming!!


Walk with your head held high.

That's what come to mind every time I feed cows.

That's why 2 horses have total control of 50 cows.

I can't say they are pack leaders...more like prison guards!!
Kricket and Tundra come barrelling across the field with all their might.

Kricket likes to try to get Dawson...

They are always the first to check out the best hay.

The cows hang back to see which bale the horses don't want and head there.

They think they are protected behind the tractor!

This is the last cow to have a real name....


I know...I know!!

She is old enough to vote!!

She really thinks she is!! 

It's very hard to send a cow packing when you are on a first name basis with them.

From here on in, it is a prison number.

3 square meals(actually round) and all the water you can drink!!

With good behavior, your life can be pretty awesome here.

Do your time and then you are paroled.

But for Princess.. I think she is a lifer.

I know of harsher places to be doing your time!!


Saturday, December 29, 2012

Baltimore is a Bust

Thank you to Maryann for this cute cat treat tin.

It will definitely be a great home for some of these!!

You know...for those times you just need a little sustenance while sewing!!

I have been giving my hand a try...

 and I do mean TRY at needle turning this....

The transferring went well...

but when it came to actually attaching the pieces?

I give up!!

I suck at small pieces.

It is supposed to be leaves, corn and a pomegranite.

It looks more like someone got sick!!

I think there is a reason this pattern if offered as a laser cut/fusible backed kit.

On to PLAN B!!


Thursday, December 27, 2012

Keeping up..Easy Street 5

Barely.. I must say!!

If I would keep it to one project at a time, it would help!!

But I am like a kid in the candy store...

I am loving my new extension table.

 I resisted the urge to get on but really appreciate this Christmas gift!!

Ready for Part 6 on Friday!!!

Bring on the greens!!


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Boxing Day...Who Knew? traditionally the day following Christmas day,
when servants would receive gifts from their superiors.

This is an Canadian tradition like Black Friday is for the Americans!!

And...since I don't have any 'peeps'....

I always thought it was the day you cleaned up all the boxes from the gifts!
(and maybe read the manuals.....)

That's my plan for the day anyways!!

Isn't this appropriate? Our last name in farm parts??

 This is the true test of taking 'junk' to make art!!
'M A R C O T T E '
from Frame the Alphabet

This was one of Justin's gifts.

It is a post office box from North Gate Post Office.

Here is more history on Northgate,Saskatchewan.

 The front was made into a piggy bank with wood from a house in the area built in 1906.

It was made by Dennis Gervais of Weyburn,Saskatchewan.

The combination was made to be Justin's initials.

The D C stands for the Dominion of Canada(circa.1886)... that's how old these are!!

When was that last time you saw 'Made in Canada'?

Another soon to be 'history' is the penny that is embedded in the bottom.

Too cool.

I knew we hit the mark when Justin said he almost bought one this week!!

As gifts ranged the gammet....

From a new cattle squeeze chute which I have been resisting to purchase....

to an extension table for my sewing machine...

Too spoiled as always!!

And then there is that Grandma 'Claus....

Spoiled me with the new Balitmore Autumn patterns!!

This is going to be an adventure!!

 It is going to require a little Starbucks and some research!!

The kettles whistling....


Monday, December 24, 2012

Naughty or Nice

I haven't met a naughty quilter yet!


Maybe we did buy a LITTLE too much fabric,


a ruler or two we still haven't used yet,

We just need more a hundred years....

But our intentions are only nice!!

Just think of all the smiling faces this Christmas from our loved ones

as they open up that special gift we made them!

So I hope all those seams are sewn, needles are emptied and buttons attached!!

May your stocking be stuffed with all those jelly rolls you wished for.

(that kind of roll is so much easier on the hips)

May your drinks be as colorful as these..

Great job, everyone!!

Hope the stars are shining in your sewing room!!'s a mess.. just like Santa's workshop!!

May there be sounds of hooves heard on your roof tonight....

I just hope it is Santa's reindeer..

.... not Dawson and Winny.....

Merry Christmas to all...and to all a good night!!


Friday, December 21, 2012

Garden Party in the Snow

I am not sure if the Mayan prophecy was wrong but the sun rose again!!

I am sure they meant 2112...

not 2012....

let's go with that as I still have alot of quilts I want to do!!

Isn't it good to see a picture with GREEN grass on the first day of Winter?

Pre-quilted top

I started this quilt in May,2012 after Shelby Love gave me a purple FQ pack for my birthday.

It is called Garden Party by Blackbird Designs.

You can read about the beginning of it's journey HERE and HERE.

I finally got this quilt to Terry Whitman so it could be quilted.

Against the snow, it doesn't look quite so white!!

Another mighty fine job by Terry....

It will definitely brighten up the room!!

Doesn't this tree just sing 'Christmas'?

Ignore the dog in the corner.

I swear Dawson is like a streak of lightening....

she is always running at the speed of light and shows up in every photo.

Only 4 days till Christmas

Better get cleaning!