Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Day in the City

Off to Regina yesterday.........

First I checked out the new quilt store, Cindy Rella's Quilt Store.

It is located at 3847 Sherwood Drive in Regina, Saskatchewan.
The store just had it's grand opening last week. It is spacious and large with good lighting. Cindy has a little bit of everything and I am sure it will continue to fill with new treasures.

Then it was lunch with Shelby Love at Magpie's Cafe in the Crocus and Ivy Store. The food was delic and so were the cookies Shelby made us!!

Shelby took me to a friend of hers, Dorothy.

Dorothy has bound tons of quilts for their guild and is an amazing appliquer(if that is a word)!!

Here is some of her incredible work..... 

Intricate 3D flowers


 Dorothy does amazing work.

Layers of flowers -all needle turned

 Sadly, Dorothy is having some issues with macular degeneration and feels she needs to give up this lifelong hobby now. She has left quite a legend for the quilting world to appreciate her talent.  

Another amazing talent(as always)....
 is Terry Whitman's work.

 She managed to quilt up my Cattails by Judy Niemeyer while I was in Calgary with Grandma.

Love the detail.. all the swirls and triangles

I have not had a chance to thank her as she is on her cruise in Amsterdam with her mom.

Hope they are having the time of their lives!!

Our quilt group really admires Judi Madsen of The Green Fairy blog.
Judi's work is amazing .......
but I have to say we are very lucky to have our own Red Headed Fairy
named Terry Whitman

Thanks again for a great job!!

I love it!!

By the way....Has anyone seen the sun??



  1. No sun in Weyburn except for the sunny colors of some of the pieces in our quilt show tomorrow. We set it up today and it looks great ... will look even better with the vendors in there. ("I will not spend! I will not spend!") ... and, yes, I admit I am a compulsive liar (not about the show, but about not spending!)

    1. We can't wait for the show. We are bringing a car load!! I am really looking forward to the trunk show ,too!!

    2. Wayne Kollinger was setting up the trunk show when I was over photographing the show this morning. His stuff looks fantastic. I'll save your Torquay girls counting how many of our quilts Terry quilted. The answer is 53! That is not a typo ... 53! See you tonight.

    3. Wow - that is crazy!! I know she felt like it was the Terry WHitman show last time!! Good for her!! She does great work!

  2. Your Cattails looks gorgeous!!! And the quilting.......WOW!!!

    1. Thanks Tracey- Terry is our own Green FAiry!


Thank you for reading and hope your enjoyed!!