Sunday, April 15, 2012

Home Again!


What a week!!

Do I have some stories and inspiring things to share this week!! I  haven't had the ability to blog this week as mom and I went to Calgary to spend the week helping my 85 year old Grandma with her total hip replacement. It won't be long before she is off and running!! I can only hope to be as sharp and in shape as she is when I am that age!!
Grandma and Baby Jaxen

While we were there, we gave baby Jaxen his quilt and Grandma got to snuggle with him. Grandma used to run a daycare for years and says she would walk for miles to snuggle a baby!!

The reason I haven't been able to blog was because Grandma doesn't have internet.
I could pick up a signal on my ipad but they were all locked. So after a couple of days of deprivation, I decided to go ask the new neighbors if they would be ok with my 'hacking' in on their wi fi.

I know it is the most unusual request from a stranger.


They were the nicest people. It is such a small world as Scott was originally from Weyburn,Saskatchewan. His mom grew up on a farm near Oungre, Sk and his Uncle owned the bar in Bromhead,SK both just down the road from where my farm is located. His wife was a doctor who had a practice in Prince Albert, Sk and now was setting up a practice in Calgary. They were very kind and gave me the code!! Mom and I were reconnected with the world once again!!

I was able to get to a couple of shops in Calgary. Along Came Quilting was the first one. It was a large spacious store. Lots of fabric to choose from.
The second was My Sewing Room. This was a huge store with even more to choose from. But I managed to part there with my money.
BUT THE THIRD ONE!!! That was my favorite. It was called Out of Hand. It was amazing. So much inspiration!!
The true test was that my sister, Tannis had come with me. She does not sew AT ALL and she was wanting to purchasing things left and right!! We did pick up a couple of things for both of us.

And since it snowed 8" while we were there....

I decided to start my new project from Out of Hand!!

Crabapple Hills Designs

I am not a big hand stitcher so I am hoping for the best! I was so inspired by Pretty by Hand's Alphabet Sampler and

my Aunt Julie's 'Over the River' I just had to give it a shot!!
 Wish me luck .... I know I am going to need it!!

Now I am off to do some fencing!!!


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