Monday, April 2, 2012

Jaxen's Quilt

And what about that Mega Millions Lottery we did not win??? My son heard that we had a better chance of getting struck by lightning 500 times or being born a conjoined twin than we did winning that lottery. But a girl's got to try!

Speaking of being born....

Jaxen Kenneth Cullum -March 23rd,2012

This week I worked on a baby quilt.  Brady(my cousin) and Amy Cullum had their first baby, a little boy, on March 23rd,2012. They named him Jaxen Kenneth. This was a very special day as it was my mom's birthday and Amy's birthday. She was hoping to have it on her birthday and she got her wish!

I had purchased this set of panels last year, on our 1st annual Montana Shophop in 2011. It's called Newton All Year for Clothworks. Aren't they cute?

My BFF, Terry gave me this Quick and Easy Block Tool as a gift so I thought it would be a great time to give it a try. I have to say it was great with all the varying options of sizes and the vast array of blocks. I used it for the center block and the windmills as the cornerstones. I think I will be using it alot more.

Center block with Block Tool

I added some applique for his name down one side and stitched it with the blanket stitch.

For the label on the back I drew out one of the little birds from the panel and appliqued it and stitched the label. I definately need to work on my freehand writing with my machine!! That is some bad freestyle writing!

This quilt was small enough so I quilted it on my own machine. I stretched it and used 505 spray to hold it together. For small projects, I think it works great!

Jaxen's quilt stretched

So with it quilted AND bound I will get it in the mail to the new baby this week!! Not bad timeline.... the baby will only be 2 weeks old! Not like I had 9 months to get to this or anything! 

On a different note -

I discovered this piano/cello players  called  The Piano Guys while surfing the net the other night. I think it is so worth the 4 minutes out of your day to listen to. It makes me want to go put my toes in the ocean and sand right now!! Only 10 MONTHS till the cruise.......

Click on the link below and take a few minutes for yourself ..........

Doesn't it just make you want to go to the beach??

Not so WARM but very sunny skies,



  1. I'd like to see that block tool that Terry gave you.

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