Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My Aunt Julie

My ray of sunshine

She has an infectious laugh and a bright smile.
 Always makes you feel good and so full of inspiration.

Aunt Julie is extremely talented in her painting...

Her creative use of teacups to make a couple of lamps...

And is totally a RED HAT SOCIETY sassy gal!!

But last year was very hard on her with the passing of her daughter.

She was so sad last summer and I was sooooo sad for her.

I felt like she had lost her mojo.

I asked her to show me what she had been working on and she showed me a box that had three crazy patch squares in it.

Aren't these the cutest little button flowers?

That was last summer.

This week I had a chance to go see her again and she is back.

She had so much she wanted to show me and I was excited to see it.

 This time the box was full of crazy patches squares.

 Each block is elaborately adorned with hand embroidery, charms and lace surrounding a photo of Aunt Julie.

This one is of Grandma Cyr(Yvonne nee Bourassa)

She was such a cutie pie!!

Aunt Julie said this is a box of 'ME'!!!

All this beautiful work and her 'Over the river...' quilt has inspired me to give my hand a try at stitching.

 Aunt Julie found these cute vintage accordian cat cards at a garage sale a few years back.

Then at her quilt group, someone had some fabric with these vintage cats so she has now started crazy patches featuring them.

She also modeled her latest bag.
 I guess I come by my bag fetish honestly!!

 This bag is what ever size you need for the day from large...

to medium.....

to small!!!

Simply fold down to the handle size you require for the shopping you plan on doing!!

I am so glad to see Aunt Julie creating and living life again!!!

Love you, Aunt Julie!!

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  1. Your aunt Julie could be our next feature quilter at next years quilt show!


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