Monday, April 23, 2012

My Fortune Cookie...

Doesn't this just say it all?

Saturday was freezing and Sunday was an awesome Spring day!!

So I decided it was time to tackle my perennial bed.
Looking pretty ratty lately!


Since going to Yellowstone National Park, I have been wanting to add rock pillars to my backyard.

 I wasn't sure how I was going to go about it and was not looking forward to picking the rocks needs to complete this job.


But it actually went alot better and was easier than I thought it would be!! I used gridded wire and made round 'cages' which I put over my existing posts. I started filling with grapefruit size rocks and incorporated the rails as I layered. I need to find some flat rocks for my caps on each pillar now!
Not bad if I don't day so myself!!

I thought it was a good day to service the quad. Some one else didn't think so.....

Working on the quad

I have the seat removed so she is sleeping on the battery(that can't be comfortable) just waiting ....

Working on the Baler

I have a pretty patient dog...she is always in the background waiting!!

And on a final note ... my 'garden' is growing!! Don't look too closely at the stitches. My mom and I are doing the same project and her comment last night was that this is not as easy as it looks to get a good product!!
Practice... practice!!

Super sunny skies and warm days!!


  1. Colleen is testing this site

  2. And you have passed!! Both tries worked!! Good job!

  3. I like your backyard pillars. How are they made, what's the procedure? It looks real nice, can hardly wait to see what else is going in?

    1. I pounded a post in and then made a cage of chicken wire about 30" and put over the post and filled with rocks evenly up the post. Pretty simple!!


Thank you for reading and hope your enjoyed!!