Thursday, April 5, 2012

'Sister' from Another Mother

My husband wanted to go to a bull sale in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.
I said sure!! I am up for a road trip.......
Why? Moose Jaw?? There just happens to be not 1 but 3 quilt stores in Moose Jaw!!

I was able to hit 2 out of 3.
The first was The Quilter's Haven. I had heard they moved to a new building on Main Street. It was bright and airy and tons of room. And just before we left the store it got even cheerier when my 'sister', Shelby graced the door.
Shelby and I met at a Kenosee Retreat a couple of years ago. She was making some fabulous bags with asian fabric.

Shelby's great bags

 I was teasing her about how she must be making one of them for her favorite 'sister'....ME! She told me how she did not have any sisters and her brother had passed away so she was now an only child.

So I adopted her.

It has been a great addition to the family. We even took her to Chicago to the Quilt Festival 2 years ago.

Shelby(in pink) and Terry(in red) at Kaffee Fassett Lunch - Chicago

She was great tour guide of the city and hostess.

  She has even become a 'ghost' member of our guild as her name comes up so often that the other day, one of the girls in our guild who has never met her said "What would Shelby do? We should ask her!" I really had to laugh at how Shelby has permiated through all our lives.

Shelby lives in Regina, Saskatchewan and is a member of the Prairie Piecemakers Guild. They are having their quilt show on May 11&12, 2012 at the Conexus Arts Center in Regina, SK. It is Mother's Day weekend so take some time for you and go to their show. It is always a sight to behold and they have an awesome vendor area, too!

They made these bookmarks for the show. The 3 little flowers on the top are made of biodegradable paper and inbedded with flower seeds so you just plant them!!
How cute it that?

Then it was over to the The Quilt Patch to check out their new line of fabric called Shasta designed by Shelly and Jeannie.
The Quilt Patch is having a deal for quilt guilds. For every $10 you spend at their store during the week of April 28- May 4, 2012, they will donate 5$ to your guild.

So all in all, Moose Jaw was a great day! I spent $30 on a new ruler and a charm pack and saved $6000 by NOT buying a bull. Guess the two bulls we have will just have to step it up a notch!!

Today our guild went to Terry Whitman's of Meandering Star Quilting and she gave us lessons on her long arm. I have to say I will still be leaving it to her for her professionalism she bring to each and every quilt!!

Check out The Block Party Blog so see some great pictures of our day at Terry's!!

Warm Days and Sunny Skies,


P.S. Marvin say 'hi'!


  1. Love all your posts, Christa. MJ is simply the best place to shop for quilty needs. It has three times as many quilt stores as Manhattan does! Strange, but true!

    1. Thank you Brenda!! Glad to be entertaining! Terry was just saying today that my life should be a show! Have a great time in NYC!!


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