Thursday, April 26, 2012

Spring?? Not!!!!

These icicles cladding my bird feeder this morning makes me wonder if I really should be out in the field or not!!

Farming and quilting really have alot in common when you think about it.

Can you tell I have had some 'time to think'?

You take a blank canvas(a field or a yard of fabric) and you add some seed(actually or creative thought) and with a little time.. before you know it you have a crop or a quilt.

They both requiring cultivating and planting, and in the end, there is a harvest(grain or a quilt).

 Every now and again, there is a disaster(mother nature or a bad fabric choice)!!

From the front......
I have spent the past week out in the tractor.

This is for Shelby, my city slicker 'sister' who is always asking about farming.

And from the back!!

Nothing exciting... but needs to be done!

The 'Dirt Farming' pays for the 'Fabric Farming'.

I was reading Messy Jesse's blog and she referred to her Farmer's Wife quilt blocks as her 'Farming'.
 Again an interesting choice of fabrics and worth a look!!

I did manage to get a little more stitching done on my Garden Grow-ing.

Justin and I also managed to plant his 1800 gladiolas(yup.. that's no typo!) for Farmer's Market and put some seeds in the ground.

Ready to see

But I think we will hold off till we don't have to wear gloves to open the seed packages!!

Hoping for some rain.... Glendive's quilt show tomorrow!!


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