Sunday, April 29, 2012

Three Amigos off to Glendive

Just had to show you my bird brained friends who were flying all around me in the field on Thursday.

Since the Rafferty Dam was built there has been a lot of terns around!!

But there was an imposter in the mix......just above the dirty window spot to the left!!

This seagull thought he was a tern!! And yup... I need to clean my 'office' windows soon.

But no fieldwork for awhile as it has been raining for the last couple of days.

So what's better than a road trip to a quilt show in Glendive with two quilting friends.

Our first stop was Quilts and More in Sidney.

Then the Makoshika Quilt Festival in Glendive.

It was another great show. They had a Hoffman TrunkShow that was absolutely spectacular.

To see more, check out The Block Party Blog as Tracey has posted some great pictures of our day there.

Tracey checking out the Cathedral Windows......

My favorite Hoffman Challenge wallhanging called Silver Dollar Log Cabin. I will definately be looking for this pattern!!

My second Hoffman Challenge favorite.

 Amazing workmanship by all the challenge winners.

They also had BigFork Bay Cotton Company exhibit of all their patterns.

This was my favorite.

And last but certainly not least, we had a quick stop at the Enchanted Room Quilt Store in Glendive where Jane found some new friends!!

I asked Jane to stand in the picture so we could get a scale of their size. You know... like they do with a clothespin or quarter so you can judge the print on fabric when you are shopping on the 'net!!

It was a really nice day.

Thanks for all the laughs, Tracey and Jane!!

Hoping for some sunshine...... Christa


  1. I was wondering about that Hoffman Challenge log cabin...I wonder if all of those quilts aren't original patterns and there may not be a pattern at all. Hmmmmm??

    1. So I guess that leaves us to use plan b......what was her name??

  2. Do you ladies find a show every weekend? ... Weyburn, Glendive, probably Regina the weekend after this one. Where is one this weekend!! That Glendive show looks like it gets top-quality entries. We have our final guild meeting of the season tonight so I'm expecting a post-mortem on our show.

    1. Now..Now!You're starting to sound like my man!! Glendive was pretty amazing. Just loved the Hoffman Challenge! And yup....Regina next weekend!

    2. I hope to get to the Regina show too. Our grandson is being baptised that weekend so it all depends on when people are arriving here.


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