Wednesday, August 1, 2012

In The Beginning... by Jason Yenter

While in Calgary this spring,
my sister and I visited Out of Hand Quilt Store

We were were blown away with the amazing things they had.

My sister does not quilt and she wanted all kinds of things so you KNOW it was a good store!!

This was just one of our purchases.

It was done with this exact fabric but I am not a big pink person...


I thought I would try it in this -

Jason Yenter - In The Beginning.

I am doing the trunk in the stripes and the leaves in the print.

I think I will make the little birds in some black/white prints.

Only 150 leaves!!

Might be a little crazy...I am just be prepared.

I managed to finish my third Winter Wonderland embroidery.

At this rate I will not be done it for Christmas!!

Need to pick up the pace..maybe stitch on the combine???

Justin's CSA garden is doing amazing!

There is nothing prettier than a bushel of carrots.

And my first Dahlia bloom.

Thought I would show you before the grasshoppers eat the plant.

Seems to be their favorite snack in my garden.



Thank you for reading and hope your enjoyed!!