Friday, August 10, 2012

The Race Is On!

It's Swathing Time!

Swathing Barley

It is an average crop but better than NO crop like last year! 

Justin's Gladiolas are in full bloom and being used at the local floral shop.

My sister, Tannis and her daughters came for a quick visit from Calgary, Alberta.

 We did get away to Minot, ND yesterday....

Forgot the  passports


the US Border Agents were kind enough to let us through with just i.d..

I made a quick stop at Prairie Rose Quilt Shop where I DID NOT need to purchase the following items.

But could not resist...

Thought I would make an Ipad case with this pattern.

I have tried Atkinson Designs before and was not impressed
will give it another try.....last chance! 

Who can resist some bright Halloween prints with some deep black!

On the Winter Wonderland front....

Snow Angel is nearly complete.

With all the combining dust in the air, the sunsets have been amazing.

These pinks and purples are so stunning.

But it also means the days are getting shorter.

So it's back to 'reel' time for me today.

Thanks for swathing for me, Justin!!

Greatly appreciated!!

Mom a.k.a Christa

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