Sunday, September 2, 2012

Bounce by Miss Rosie's Quilt Co.

Well, Like I need another project........

buuut ...

Tracey from The Block Party Guild Blog suggested WE (Tracey~ please note the large letters and underlining) participate in the Scnibbles Parade for October, since it is a pattern we recently purchased.

Isn't PDF pattern downloading an incredible invention?? 

Instant gratification!

So I,like a sheep...baaaa
Tracey - being the shepard....carries a mean hook
....I said sure!!

I had purchased my first layer cake pack of Kate Spain's Cuzco.

This is not fabric I ordinarily am attracted to but thought I would get out of my box for a bit!

It is a sad state of affairs when you see that 42- 10x10" squares plus some background it enough to complete this entire quilt.  

With 4 hours of cutting and sewing with this organized chaos......

I have managed to put a few blocks together.

I see that I have fallen into my old 'tricks' and co-ordinated the colors I like. I will have to challenge myself and hit the rest of the colors if I plan to keep this scrappy!!

Happy Sunday.. and long weekend!



  1. Sheep?...Shepherd??...MEAN HOOK??? I don't even know how to respond. I'll tell the story of how this came about...I called Christa and left a message about A Year of Schnibbles quilt-a-long...talked to her a bit and the next thing I know is she has the whole quilt already cut out. WHAT??? It isn't due until Nov 1/12, not in three days!!! Hmphhhh!!! I guess you thought that we were gonna have a race to get this done, heh??

    1. Too funny! I thought it was October 1 due date! Still...chop,chop!! I have a row along with Bee in my Bonnet blog I think WE should also do!! Have a look! Row one has already been posted.....project 17?


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