Monday, October 15, 2012

Bismark or Bust!

A quilter's worst fear.....

Your machine dying in the middle of a class!!!

Well, It happened to my girlfreind last week.

The machine had outlived it's life so she was on the hunt for a new Janome.

So.... that meant a road trip to Bismark Sewing and Quilting Shop!!

This store is amazing!  
Should I say 'AWE-SHOME' as Colleen's little grandson would say!!

More fabric than you could ever want for!

Great samples everywhere....

I am finding myself more and more attracted to the Bella Verona.

I think this may be my next quilt!!

And look who was in the store!!


Scared the stitches right out of Terry and I.
She is so life like!!

The skeleton .....

 of a Janome.

This one made me think of Tracey as I was filling her order at the this store!

Bismark is a great city.

Clean and beautiful and a ton of shopping!!

It may need to be our next adventure as quilters!

A new machine was had and it was back home.

Been to Bismark AND busted the Bank all in one day!!

Just a little morning smile....
Try to overlook the dirty windows and tossle of fire pit chairs!!

Winny and one of her kittens......

"Is it all clear? Can we get in, Mom???"



  1. You didn't show what you bought!!!

    1. Terry bought a Janome... I think it was a 6800 model!

  2. Thank you for all the inspiring quit phots you take. My favorite shop, Miller's Dry Goods here in OH, doesn't have many samples up and somdays I find it sad to go in there. Glad there is so much inspiration here!
    What did you buy?


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