Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fall Skies

Yesterday was a great day to haul the last of the square bales.

The contrast of the grey skies and golden fields are incredible.

Do you think I can get a picture without Dawson in it.

That dog is on crack(and so is the truck window and mirror)!!

She is everywhere!

Dawson again!

There was only two loads so Arnold just threw them in the truck while I placed them.

Who needs a gym??

Old Blue has seen better days but it just keeps working!

Justin and his co-pilot, Dawson(again)!

Stacking bales in the cattleshed.....

 NOW we are ready for winter!

Just didn't know it was going to start today!!


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  1. The sky photos are beautiful. I love the old truck, the dog and of course the snow fluffies! Beautiful.
    I can hardly wait for snow in my corner of the planet.


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