Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Lady bugs and Poppies

This is the last of my laminated 'Ladybug' fabric.

Too cute... so this one is for ME!!

The screening is called Pet D-Fence by New York Wire Co.

With the zoo I am running around here, I will need to find some more for my patio screen!!

It comes on a roll of 85"x45".

My mom bought mine in the Arizona at Joanne's.

 I have seen some screening online in different colors
I don't think it is the same quality as this brand.

I have made 2 large bags....

Breanna's bag
and 2 medium bags with a roll.

 I still have pieces to use in projects like my art organizer.

Aunt Michelle's bag

The possibilities are endless with this project!

Grandma's bag

Maybe Miss Carol knows of another place to access this screening?

It seems HomeDepot carries it for around 25$/roll.
I am going to the Creative Stitches in Calgary on the weekend.

I will keep my eye out for some more screening for all you bag ladies out there!!


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  1. My friend owns a hardware store and I think she carries this as she is always making these bags. I will be in her area on Tuesday the 30th and will check for sure and also get you a price.
    Yep! I can help you with that!!!


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