Saturday, October 6, 2012


And I am not talking about Jesus!!

Winter is coming and I have been thinking I need a project to do in the evenings.


 Can't crochet if my life depended on no.

 But that dusty bag in the corner....


 and I do mean.... DUSTY!!

 I sneezed as I opened the quilt patch bag.

It has been home to my grandmothers flower garden for about....

let see.......

4 YEARS!!!

 This was one of the lessons at the School House Retreat, we attended with The Quilt Patch in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan MANY years ago.

 I joked with the girls that it will be done when I die so just drape it on my casket-

 what ever size it ends up being.

But since then I have decided I want to be cremated and scattered in the wind.

 So I think this is large enough to cover the table that my box can sit on at the memorial.


as I think about it..

Don't waste a money on a box.

I am fine with a ziplock bag, then stick me in one of the many bags or purses I've made.

Then scatter me in the wind and re-use the purse!

  So who knows!

 Maybe I can get this project to a size that it can be covering the family table!!

We will see where my 'lifetime' takes me!!

Tending to this garden,


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