Friday, October 12, 2012

Second Organizer

I completed the second Organizer yesterday in opposite cladding as the first.

There is nothing like a little hand binding and a good program on a blustery cold day.

Ordinarily I don't have an issue with zippers


this one had some malfunction at the junction of Zipper and 49th.

I considered ripping it out but that would involve taking the whole thing apart.

I declined.

I used clear vinyl for all the pockets on the second one and have to say I like the first one more.

The black screening gives it contrast.

Since it's another blustery cold day, I am off to my sewing room!!



  1. Christa, is the black screening from a hardware store or is it a fabric-kind of screening that you would get at Fabricland or some place like that?

    1. My mom got it for me from Joanne's in the States. It is called Pet D-Fence and comes in a roll 48"x84". Mine was charcoal but I have seen it online and it comes in different colors,too. I am going to check Michael's to see if they carry it. I made 4 bags(next post) and some smaller ones with one roll.


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