Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Soggy Halloween

This pumpkin may be smiling but I wasn't when I tried to make him yesterday!!

A soggy straw bale RESISTS paint but I guess this will have to do.

I know he is missing a top...maybe today.

It will be fodder for the cows in a couple of weeks anyways!!

I have attempted to tackle my stash this week.

It has gotten out of hand and it's getting hard to be creative in this mess!

I saw a tutorial on fabric folding...

I think it was on this blog.

Using your 6"x 24" ruler......

wrap your fabric around it ....

then slide it down and fold in half.

I started my stacks according to color.

Jane couldn't believe my stash fit on ONE bed!

Maybe there should be different words to refer to the quantity of your stash.

Like stash(a little), stasher(alot) and stashest(too much).

Can you believe that mess fit in my pie cupboard?

I love this cabinet.

 It reminds me of the very special friend who gave it to me.

It is being put to very good use.

And can you believe... I have room for more now?

Taking inventory is a good thing.

I bought my first pre-cut this summer and now I have 7 charm packs and 2 layer cakes.

I am going to have to nip that addiction in the butt before it starts!

I started to work on the blocks for Winterwonderland only to realize I had missed 2 of the embroidered blocks.

This boy was one of them.

So NOW......I have one to go!!

 Of course, it is the largest one!

Aren't these christmas tree selvages cute?

Definitely going to incorporate them somewhere!

Happy Soggy Halloween to all!!

( ^_ * )

Time to make popcorn balls!


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