Thursday, October 25, 2012

T'is the Season...


Not Christmas...
However that is only 2 months from today!!

It's Round up and Cattle Drive Time!!

There were some anxious cows ready to hit the road to come home yesterday!!

It's an 11 Mile trek for the first herd to come home.

And I have to say - it was one cold day!!

We switched off every couple of miles to warm up....

And rested at a couple of watering holes.

A couple more days of round up and all the cows will be home for winter!!

On the Miss Rosie's 'Bounce' Front

Terry Whitman quilted my rendition of Bounce for me this week.


You can read the beginning of my Bounce here and here if you missed it!!

I decided to use the few leftover pieces of the layer cake to pipe the edge of the binding.

I used the PIPING HOT Binding Tool to make my piping and was quite impressed with the overall result.

The piping is one of the ideas I picked up at Creative Stitches in Calgary last week.

Didn't Terry do an INCREDIBLE job on the quilting!!

Thanks again, Terry!!

I love it!!

(and yes.. that is remainder of snow in the forground..)

Off to bind my row robin quilt also back from Terry's !!
Stay warm,



  1. Wow! Terry did a fabulous job on Bounce. I'm gonna work on mine this afternoon.

  2. Wow! That's alota feathers. This quilt is stunning.


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