Sunday, October 28, 2012

Wish upon a Star

As I anticipated...or should I say...

BECAUSE I anticipated my class with Anna Hergert was going to be great...

It was!!

We took our favorite block and drafted it on grid.

Mine was this star.

Predictable......Points AND yellow and blue..

I know, I know.....

Then we gridded it again only, but distorted it this time.

Then the fun begins......

Do I like it like this?

Or this?

Maybe this....

No .. not this one.

Too repetative.....

But this....

Yup - this is the one!!

So then it was to be made in fabric.

Ignore the puckers and such but you get the idea!!

And Voila...

 a new star is born!!

I think I will give this another try.

Imagine the embellishment with these amazing variegated threads from Anna's Store!!

It was lots of laughs,wonderful friendship and great inspiration.

What better to do on a cold and snow weekend!

Thank you to the Weyburn Girls for organizing it and Anna for the great teachings!!

 Keep an eye out for Betty, Mary and Linda at your next event!

I think I will be seeing them next weekend at the Kenosee Retreat!!

Get inspired!


  1. Heh Christa,
    Now that was a great workshop. Its so great to learn new things heh. Can hardly wait to see where you go with this new method!
    All the best,

  2. Hi Christa,
    It was great to have you in the workshop! Thanks for the great review and sharing the images. Keep smiling - soggy Halloween and all!
    Looking forward to our paths crossing again in the future.


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