Saturday, November 17, 2012

A Stitch in Time

This sign was on the door at the Ceasar Millan Show in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan last night.

Such an irony!!


Isn't it all about the dogs??

Actually it was about how the owners need to be trained!!

It was an enlightening education.

Now let's see if I can make it happen!!

Terry Whitman and I had a great day in Moose Jaw.

It is not hard to waste a day in such a historic town.

The 5th Avenue Jewellers Headquarters was all decked out for Christmas.

Some amazing red was purchased at The Quilt Patch for the back of my Winter Wonderland.

We found a new antique store called Giselle's.

It just opened on Tuesday.

We envisioning this beautiful dentist's cabinet  in our sewing rooms.

However, at a price tag of $8,000.00 that dream ended quickly!!

We also discovered The Stitcher's Nook.

A cute store with a great selection of beautiful yarns, buttons and ribbons.

It has been open for 2 1/2 years.

We really enjoyed our conversation with the very interesting owner.

She has a great appreciation for all things handmade. 

This was displayed in her store along with some vintage tatting and pettipoint.

This stitched piece was found by a friend who purchased it at a rummage sale and thought she would value it.
(Sorry for the poor photo... I tried not to get the reflection of the lights)

Look at the age of Martha Ann Coutts.

9 years old... from 1881!!

Incredible work!!

Martha was born in 1872 and some research suggests she died in the 1960's.

She lived in the area and had never married.

What a stitch in time!!



  1. Christa - it was a pleasure meeting you yesterday. thanks for highlighting the sampler in your blog - it is a special piece (at least I think it is). and also thanks for the mention of the shop. I have such fun here - glad that other people might know about it too! Adrienne

    1. Thanks, Adrienne!!! I really enjoyed our chat and wish I would have taken some of your tatting and pettipoints you also have showcased! Maybe next time....nice to see it appreciated and proudly displayed. Such works of art!!


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