Monday, November 26, 2012

Ben and Jeri in Christmas Spirit

I can now say I have tried my hand at needle turning applique.

Can't say I am good at it.

I have to recommend NOT to do needle turn applique with flannel!!

In the end, this project turned out all right.

I used variegated browns in the stippled parts.

Must have had some good rhythm going because Winny and Dawson were out like lights!!

I tried to do some of Terry's swirls...

Those definitely need some work!!

Practice makes perfect... but how MUCH practice??

I blanket stitched the stars after needle turning.

 I don't trust the flimsy plaid fabric they are made of.

Just in time to bring in the Christmas Spirit!!

Only a month away...



  1. It is great! Flannel is not a great needle turn fabric.

    1. I have years to go before I can even come close to your AMAZING work!! You should send me some photos of your Baltimore Christmas. It is spectacular. I will post it for everyone to see!!

  2. Wow! I am impressed you got that done so fast. I'd still be deciding if I wanted to applique it or not! I think you did a wonderful job and I can't say I'd ever use flannel to needle turn applique. It just seems like it would ravel too much. I like the thread you chose to machine quilt with and I think the twirls look good! I would need practice and PATIENCE!!!

    1. Thanks Miss Carol!! I didn't realize that it was flannel when I thought I would do it as a needle turn trial! But who doesn't need a challenge every now and then!


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