Thursday, November 1, 2012

Bounce by the Block Party Girls

Today is the big reveal!!

Miss Rosie's Quilt Co. pattern, Bounce was the quilt for November1,2012.
Everyone who participated in the Schnibbles Parade can have their quilt posted on

Pink Pin Cushion by Sinta 


 A Quilting Life by Sherri.

Tracey Holzer and I decided to give it a shot.

This is our first 'parade'.

Here is Tracey's Bounce in reds.

And mine is in Cuzco by Kate Spain for Moda!

Talking like I am some kind of designer....

Same quilt... different style!!

 Both are stunning in their own ways!

It's a slow day today....Pack for retreat tomorrow....

Block Party Guild meeting today....


Load a trucker with wheat!!

All I can say to that is.........that auger better start!!!



  1. I love both your "Bounce" quilts. I feel lazy when I see all the handwork you two get done, even in harvest time!

  2. Christa- your Bounce is beautiful and so cheerful... especially with that background of snow! Brrr. Thank you for being in AYOS... I will get your quilt in the parade a.s.a.p.! xxoo

  3. Both are wonderful! You can't go wrong with Kate Spain fabrics or reds! Wow :-) Ooh! It looks chilly there!

  4. Beautiful! Love Cuzco. Stopping by from the Kate Spain Blog Hop!

  5. What a beautiful design! And the quilting is spectacular. Well done! Thanks for link up!

  6. Love your cuzco quilt - it really shows off the fabric so well.

  7. Bounce Baby!! I have this pattern sitting in my drawer waiting for inspiration to strike and seeing yours in Kate Spain fabric - POW!! Hit with the inspiration right hook!! Great quilts!!

  8. Your quilting is wonderful ... and the Cuzco quilt is magnificent! Love it, well done!


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