Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Frosty Mornings

Looks like a Christmas postcard.


 How beautiful frost makes everything look!

 My girlfriend and I made our 15th annual Christmas Spirit Hunt to Williston, North Dakota.

It was a successful...and interesting day.

Our waitress was a bouncy little chick and Maryann asked her if she was from the area.

Nope! Iowa!

We said... Canada.....

 Oh!!! she said...Canacks! Or is that offensive?

CanUcks actually...and no.. we don't think so!

Is it?!!?

Never been called a Canuck!!

We thought that was more of an Eastern Canada reference and explained the Toronto connection.

 It was pretty funny!!

And now for a clean slate(relatively) for a new project!

The Texas Star!!

In Stone Chips - Warm/Cool  C-10

 Picking the color groups and degradation can be tough with some of these.

These will become the Ferris Wheel blocks.

Group A and B
These are the start of the Point blocks.

I hate to waste the dog ears so I sewed an extra seam at the same time

extra dog ears

I will use these bonus blocks on the back.

Lots of chain piecing!!

To get the center of the Points block.

 Now it's the hunt for 240 flying geese.

Good thing it's quilting tomorrow...
(as long as the trucker doesn't show up!!)


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