Friday, November 9, 2012

More Retreat Treats

The cows are all home and the feeding has begun...

The preg testing was completed thanks to Dr. Hoium and Dr. Patel.

This is the less glamorous part of being a vet...

But someone has to do it!!

So let the quilting begin!!

We each received a present at retreat from the Heart and Hands Guild.

Great things come in small packages!!

I will have to make sure I get this done for next year.

My purchases at our vendor, Shirley's Sewing Room  from Moosomin,Saskatchewan...

were a couple of yards of StoneHenge and  a Christmas FQ pack.....

And this little treat!!

I stopped at Shirley's this summer to see if she had the Texas Star pattern.

She didn't then... but she does now!!!

I saw it on the back of a magazine a year ago and LOVED it!!

  It was karma and had to come home with me.

I am going to make it with Stone Chips Warm/Cool.

Then that little pole dancer, Bev from Sew and Sews in Carlyle stopped in for a minute.

She had a few extra kits of the project they did this weekend so I purchased one also.

Love the colors and prints in this runner.

So bring on the Christmas tunes, and the snow they are calling for today!!

I am ready!!

And this 'not-so-little-anymore' frontman, Duracell???

I opened the door to let him in and 5 little kittens blasted in right behind him!!

It was a set up...should have known...that's alot of tracks for one cat!

You can never trust a cute face!

Going to sew!!



  1. I used Stone Chips for my charm-pack-challenge last year. I love them!

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