Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Diwali Weyburn??

Remember Dr. Patel?

My vet who was over to do some pregnancy testing this week?

Well, Dr. Patel invited us to come to the Diwali festival!!

Who knew???

In Weyburn, Saskatchewan?

This was the SECOND Diwali Festival held in Weyburn.

Diwali means festival of lights and usually involves lots of fireworks but the weather was not cooperative!

So there were lots of candles!!

This is Dr. Patel with his family.

We are used to seeing each other in 'farm clothes' so we did not even recognize each other!!

Sandip has a beautiful family

Just as promised...there were games

Have you ever seen a bingo card like this?

We laughed so hard as they call the numbers so fast and we had a little language barrier issue.

Thank goodness, there were only 15 numbers to keep track of!!

There was great food... all the taste of India!!!

Jasmine rice, Samosas,Butter Chicken, Chutney, Vindaloo and Naan!!

There was dancing... 

......alot of dancing!

They got everyone up including Jaynie and I who really preferred to be wallpaper in the room!!

(It's true.. white men can't jump... or dance)

 Incredible color and beautiful dresses!!

 The spice of life is definitely captured in this culture!!

It's a changing world and it was great to be so welcomed to participate in their celebration.

Sure makes our life seem pretty colorless with all this snow.

I think I need to throw a quilt out on the deck!!



  1. I want to make Texas Star. Was that the pattern you were drawing out on paper or was that another one? I would love to see my Bounce quilt on top of this snow!!

    1. Texas star was the one I was drawing out!! Good memory....just have to wait for the stone chips to come in the mail!!!

  2. Good for you for going. I was too afraid of the snowfall warning. I wonder if Dr. Patel watches the Big Band Theory?

    1. It was your typical Saskatchewan 'storm'. The only ones scared were the new Canadians who have only been here for three months!! Quite the welcome for them!!!


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