Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Winter Wonderland Coming Together

I purchased some amazing YLI threads when taking Anna Hergert's class.

I thought the varigated red would work.

 After interviewing it with a couple of sample stitches, I see that is not speaking the same language!!

So I tried this red.

Now we are talking!!

The star blocks were completed at the Kenosee Retreat.

I feel like I did not finish much at the Retreat

worked on a lot of pieces of quilts in the progress.

So the construction of the top has begun!!

Thanks to Anna's influence to think outside the box.....

I am trying different stitches between the intersections.

The HST strips had were the corners from the star blocks.

They came in very handy for the two blocks I shorted on fabric.

I know...I know......


Me?? Cut it too small??

I think it was a good save!

After seeing Tracey's Bounce quilt, I wanted to do a red quilt...

I think this will do!!



  1. I see my red fabric! This quilt is a lot of work, heh?

  2. Please select a stitch for the half square triangles on the three chubby snowmen block as you have done with the the cent (apparently this key board does not have a cent sign, the penny certainly is going away!) candy cane block to form some cohesiveness amongst you creative shortage!

  3. Consider to continue stitch 39 around the corner, or 63 would look appropriate "falling" down the side.

    Yours Truely

    1. I truly appreciate the guidance..... JUSTIN! So if your going to be a regular... please MAN up and sign in. Your suggestions will be considered!!

  4. I love your choice of using decorative stitches between the blocks. What a cute red work quilt.

    1. Thanks Jaynie! I was checking out Anna's site and saw the class she taught in Yorkton on decorative stitches and loved their results. I think it works on this one,too! Nice to see you at the Diwali Festival!

  5. This quilt is gonna be GORGEOUS! I've seen it finished a few times and it is just so classic. Isn't it so much fun to embroider?! ;)

    1. Thanks Kristyne!! This is my first attempt as embroidery and really enjoyed it. I am looking for my 'next' project. Any suggestions? Perhaps something from your new book!!


Thank you for reading and hope your enjoyed!!