Saturday, December 29, 2012

Baltimore is a Bust

Thank you to Maryann for this cute cat treat tin.

It will definitely be a great home for some of these!!

You know...for those times you just need a little sustenance while sewing!!

I have been giving my hand a try...

 and I do mean TRY at needle turning this....

The transferring went well...

but when it came to actually attaching the pieces?

I give up!!

I suck at small pieces.

It is supposed to be leaves, corn and a pomegranite.

It looks more like someone got sick!!

I think there is a reason this pattern if offered as a laser cut/fusible backed kit.

On to PLAN B!!



  1. I cannot needle turn my applique. I think you need to find the technique that gives you the result you want. I find I like the fusible webbing and the freezer paper/glue stick method. Keep trying!

    1. I think it is on to fusible for least for this project!!


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