Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Boxing Day...Who Knew? traditionally the day following Christmas day,
when servants would receive gifts from their superiors.

This is an Canadian tradition like Black Friday is for the Americans!!

And...since I don't have any 'peeps'....

I always thought it was the day you cleaned up all the boxes from the gifts!
(and maybe read the manuals.....)

That's my plan for the day anyways!!

Isn't this appropriate? Our last name in farm parts??

 This is the true test of taking 'junk' to make art!!
'M A R C O T T E '
from Frame the Alphabet

This was one of Justin's gifts.

It is a post office box from North Gate Post Office.

Here is more history on Northgate,Saskatchewan.

 The front was made into a piggy bank with wood from a house in the area built in 1906.

It was made by Dennis Gervais of Weyburn,Saskatchewan.

The combination was made to be Justin's initials.

The D C stands for the Dominion of Canada(circa.1886)... that's how old these are!!

When was that last time you saw 'Made in Canada'?

Another soon to be 'history' is the penny that is embedded in the bottom.

Too cool.

I knew we hit the mark when Justin said he almost bought one this week!!

As gifts ranged the gammet....

From a new cattle squeeze chute which I have been resisting to purchase....

to an extension table for my sewing machine...

Too spoiled as always!!

And then there is that Grandma 'Claus....

Spoiled me with the new Balitmore Autumn patterns!!

This is going to be an adventure!!

 It is going to require a little Starbucks and some research!!

The kettles whistling....



  1. So now we can all rob Justin when we visit him!!! lol. See you on third of January.

  2. Another interpretation of Boxing Day - when you box up your relatives and send them home! But I'm at Laurel's until tomorrow, I think!! I enjoyed seeing your unique gifts so thanks for sharing. I look forward to checking your blog regularly. Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks,Elaine!! I do love to check out your blog. Another very common sense view on Boxing day!! I am glad that Laurel has not packed you up yet!!Say Hi to her for me!!

  3. What a cool piggy bank. Where was he selling them?

    The range of your Xmas gifts puts a smile on my face. Good thing we all like different things.

    1. Dennis was selling the banks on Discover Estevan and Weyburn but I have his email if your interested!! He has more!I craziness in my life isn't it,Jaynie?


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