Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmas In The Air.....

Decorating started.....Check!

Baking coming along....Check!

Wreath hung.... Check!

Tree bought....Check!!

Presents wrapped...Check!!

Christmas Parties and games being played......
Check and double Check!!!

When was the last time you saw such intense concentration over Chinese Checkers?
And why is it that the old games are still the best?

left..Jane Marcotte,Marg Stepp,Agnes Marcotte,Janet Ehrmantraut(referee),
right...Martha Stepp,Colleen Marcotte, and Jeanne Wanner

With Christmas in the air, here is a picture of an incredible quilt just finished by Colleen Winter. She is a member of the Heart and Hands Guild in Estevan, Saskatchewan.
Colleen's needle turn applique is amazing!!

Colleen Winter's INCREDIBLE Baltimore Christmas
(by Colleen Winter)

"It was a thirteen month block of the month, Baltimore Christmas published by P3 Designs  from Cheryl's Quilt Corner. I requested the last three months in September so I could finish it before Christmas and while I could get Terry Whitman to quilt it.

Terry really did make it shine totally!!!!
 I worked on it for almost twelve months.

One block a month is enough with that kind of work.

I haven't decided what is happening to it but a certain long arm quilter(namely Terry) did say she would certainly like it if I ever decided to sell it..LOL.

P3 Designs have four of these types of patterns currently.
I am hoping Santa brings me the Baltimore Autumn pattern which is the latest one out.

 Needle turn is a peaceful pass time with wonderful results. I became interested in it through two of our former guild members, Rose Seale and Kay Scraper. They did beautiful hand work and totally inspired me. I am mainly self taught through reading books but they did give me pointers years ago when I first fell in love with the technique."
Thanks for sharing, Colleen !!

If you are still looking for some more inspiration, just click on over to The Block Party Quilt Guild as Tracey has posted a fresh batch of last week's quilting!

Only 18 more days!!
Off to guild today...isn't winter great?



  1. Amazing, amazing quilt totally beyond my skills and I've been quilting since dirt was young!

    1. Oh you make me laugh,Brenda!! Colleen is amazing with her quilts and we are lucky be able to get a peek at these masterpieces in our own area!!! I will be coming through Weyburn on Saturday if you are home!!


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