Sunday, December 2, 2012

Easy Street Mystery

Colleen Marcotte and I decided to try....

and I do mean...TRY

 to participate in Bonnie Hunter's Easy Street Mystery Quilt.

We make no promises here as we are already behind!

I think we are intrigued by her Lowe's paint chip colors.

Apparently so are many others as Lowe's has been out of these chips all over North America!!!

Most people start with Part 1 but we are still waiting for our fabric for that part!!

Come on,Mr. Postman!!!

Colleen and I are swapping what fabrics we have for this quilt.

It calls for blacks on white.....

I handed Colleen my strips and she gives me the cutest little jelly roll!!

Just proves that presentation is everything.

I don't even want to cut into that.... it's so cute!!

 I am starting with Part 2 since I am the queen of everything purple!!

I want to keep it less psychedelic so I am using only 3 choice of purple.

I managed to pump out 50 today.....

only 78 more purple flying geese to go!!

We will see just how 'EASY' this street is.....



  1. So cute! I love your b&w prints. See you next week for Clue 3.

  2. Yep, is a little less easy than what I can take on. But your brave start is an awesome color selection. You go girl!

  3. It's great you are working on this quilt with a friend. The geese look lovely.

  4. Your post made me smile...okay, it made me laugh! Thanks! Lookin'Good!


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