Sunday, January 13, 2013

Quiltmaker Scrap Squad Part 2

Scrap Squad instructions are to make a quilt using a given pattern

with material you already have making it your own.

I have had this flannel for about 5 or 6 years now. 

I didn't realize how nice this flannel was.

It was so velvety and pressed wonderfully!

I usually buy fabric I love...not fabric I need for a project.

I guess I love nice fabric!

There are 2 main blocks involved in the construction of a large block.

There are endless possibilities

and this is just using one half of the main block

so it is just a matter deciding where to go with it.

It is a repetitive pattern so it makes for ease of construction.

I was going with a Southwest theme since there are horses and lots of points.

I was going to do a border like my Bounce quilt has but thought why hack the logcabin up?

Just fussy cut it!

It's cute as it is.... that's why I purchased it.

It was nip and tuck to have enough fabric for the interior of this quilt. 

I had to use this wood grain cotton for the last border but I think it works.

This was a great first project for Scrap Squad.

I used to sew like this all the time...just using what I had to make something.

Lately I have been purchasing lines of fabric that go together. 

I have been feeling like my creativity has dampened lately.

This brought me back to how quilting began for me 

......and all the other pioneers!!!


The big reveal(as the other QSS quilts)will be when I get back!!
This quilt as well as my puppy are off to Terry's!

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  1. Great post, Christa, with great photos. Love it! Have a great time in the sunny south.


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