Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Road trip to Paris...

Not quite..

Justin had to deliver equipment to Vibank so I went along for the ride...

 which took us through Montemartre,Saskatchewan.

They have their own Eiffel Tower and a great Boutique called Sisters.

I have heard alot about this store but never seem to go that route.

It was filled with unique and interesting things.

One of a kind clothing to interesting shoes.

I loved this antique display unit!!

It was a colorful space with lots to see everywhere you looked!!

The Bistro is in the back where Justin and I

 had some dill pickle soup and  gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch. 

Not every town can point out where their Tower is!!

Then it was off to Vibank, Saskatchewan...

where the old nunnery has become the home for a daycare, hairdresser, dance studio, The Grotto(the Mexican Restaurant) and many more businesses.

It is the nicest most inviting version of a mall a small town could ask for.

What a great use of space!!

We had originally planned to eat at The Grotto which we hear has authentic Mexican food but maybe next time!

This Prairie Fitness on Main Street made me chuckle to see what might have been a hotel or something in its past.

I think it is great to see these old buildings with such character given a new life.

Tomorrow it's off to Deadwood, South Dakota for the weekend with family.

I see a couple of quilt shops stops in my near future!


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Texas Star Quilt

Between trips to the corral to check on calving....

One of these doesn't look like the other... but they are a pair!!

I have been sewing on my Texas Star quilt by Whirligig Designs.


It has come together very fast.

Pineapple blocks and Ferris Wheels...

I love the look of the pineapple blocks.

Before you know it all the blocks were done!

All was going well till.....

I realized I am short 18" of background fabric!!

Two inset triangle!!!


Thank goodness, I know where I can get more of this fabric.

Until then...

These border geese are grounded!!


Sunday, February 24, 2013

Community Planning

There was a whole lot of brainstorming going on yesterday.

Our guild gathered up the scenery and started planning a village.

Should the church be on a field of prairiescape? 

I think we need a little cemetery under the tree!

Got to say...

 those little stainglass windows were worth all of Colleen 5 hours!!

Or should it be on a field of green?

At least we know the sun will be in the sky!!

But can the sun and stars be in the same sky?!?!?

Oh the possibilities...

It takes a lot of thinking to organize a community well.

Where is an engineer when you need one!?!?

We definitely wanted a Canadian flag on our banner!!

We are waiting for the school house and the barn so we can place the outhouse!!

It was a much welcomed break when Justin showed up with some Strawberry-lemonade Slush!!

It was a good day's work!!

Rome was not built in a day
neither will this town!!



Slip on over to The Block Party to see more construction!!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Off to Ambrose

Our guild has a post office box in a little town in North Dakota called Ambrose.

Population: 26

I must say we have made mighty good use of this box.

I think we are helping to keep it open!!

I send my parents 'treats' regularly to Yuma throughout the winter....


the Vintas and 'Producers' are on their way, Mom!!

In exchange, my package from Quilting by the Bay had arrived.

See these patterns using Ombre jelly rolls!!!

Now how can one resist!!

They are just screaming 'Easter' and 'Spring is in the air'!!

While packing Mom's stuff at the Ambrose Post Office,

we noticed these little suckers.

How cute!!

They are stamped for the USPS and the stick says Ambrose Post Office.

Then it was off to Crosby, ND.

It has such an amazing Main Street with this beautiful Courthouse at the end.

For a little town of 1,100 people
 it has a flower shop, hardware store, grocery store and a super little furniture store, and even a little quilt/book store.

Justin heard these crackers were all the rage....

So like fools we tried them...

 ahhhh.... yeah... NOOO!!

I will stick with Vintas!!

I found these at the hardware store.

Pretty AND Steel toed for calving!!

I think I am ready for Spring!!

Tomorrow our guild is having a sewing bee to make a banner.

Sneak peak...

This was not in Brenda King's book -

Down in the Valley!!

Every village needs an outhouse!!

Stay tuned.....


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sew and Hope...

That's what I did most of yesterday...

 on my Texas Star quilt....

And HOPE that no cows had any babies!!

How can the weather change so quickly!!

+5C on Sunday to -40C on Tuesday.


I stepped out the door and my winter gear instantly turned crispy!!

I dress for the occasion when I check cows every couple of hours and I STILL am froze!!

So I cleaned my house and headed up to my cozy sewing room 

To get this show on the road!!

I see Texas just up ahead!!

Keep warm,


 Much thanks to Brenda King for the use of her Down in The Valley Book.
We plan to make great use of it tomorrow at quilting!!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Calving Season Has Begun

Yesterday was an incredible day to start calving...

at least till late afternoon before the snow hit.

The first two calves arrived just in time for Family Day in Canada!
(Well, in Ontario,Alberta and Saskatchewan)

After catching up from 2 Scrap Squad quilts,

 I was able to work on my own again.

Geese were flying off my table.

I am hoping for some more sightings of flying geese today.

Justin was over so he gave me a hand pulling papers off my 3rd SS quilt blocks.

Justin said 'Not on the blog!'

But if he can be heard(through hacking my blog)...

I think he can be seen!!

Happy Family Day and President's Day for the USA!!


Friday, February 15, 2013

First Scrap Squad Quilt

Today is the big reveal for my first Scrap Squad Quilt for Quiltmaker Magazine.

QMMP 130400 cover 500 QM Scrap Squad: Christa Marcottes Majestic Garden

Our first challenge was a quilt by Monique Dillard of Open Gate Quilts.

Head over to Quiltmaker's Blog 
click on the Scrap Squad link at the top and have a look.

Every Friday, a new rendition of the SS quilt will be revealed on Quilty Pleasures Blog.

Each Scrap Squad member will tell their story behind their creation.

I apologize for the blurry pics...I will have to look into that!!