Monday, February 18, 2013

Calving Season Has Begun

Yesterday was an incredible day to start calving...

at least till late afternoon before the snow hit.

The first two calves arrived just in time for Family Day in Canada!
(Well, in Ontario,Alberta and Saskatchewan)

After catching up from 2 Scrap Squad quilts,

 I was able to work on my own again.

Geese were flying off my table.

I am hoping for some more sightings of flying geese today.

Justin was over so he gave me a hand pulling papers off my 3rd SS quilt blocks.

Justin said 'Not on the blog!'

But if he can be heard(through hacking my blog)...

I think he can be seen!!

Happy Family Day and President's Day for the USA!!



  1. I agree! If you blog on your Mom's blog, she has the right to take your picture! I love your machine in the background. Do you use it? I would love to have my Grandmothers treadle as it is just sitting collecting dust in my Uncle's house.

    1. Justin bought the sewing machine for me last year at an antique store in Arcola, Saskatchewan. I haven't used it yet...keep saying when the power is out but then there are no lights!! I do love it!!


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