Friday, February 1, 2013

Homeward Bound

Grand Turk was not to be!!

The waters were too rough to dock.

I said I would swim to shore but instead we turned around and started for home.

This gave us time to explore our ship.

The Valour represents 'Heros' like Caesar, Churchill,Kings and Queens, and Rosie.

It was nice that it recognized women's contribution to history.

During breakfast, I commented to Arnold that we were almost to March.

He said What?? We haven't even gotten to February!!

Oh.....My milk said it was good till Mar 4,2013!!

A month away.. that can't be right!!

That had to be a typo but all the milk said that!!

What is in that 'milk'??

I noticed that tons of people were running on the bottom bridge on Sunday morning.

It was the Miami Marathon!!

Our cruise had come to an end and it was time to head home.

At the airport, there was a language barrier

"Battle of the Spanish vs English"

'Juan' won.

We ended being pushed back a day.

Better in Miami than Minneapolis!!

We headed downtown to the Freedom Tower to explore for the day.

Bayside Market and South Beach!!

There is a tree in the middle of Bayside Open Market that is amazing.

This is ONE tree!!

It was off to the airport for a second time to try to get home.

All the signs in Florida were Spanish with a side order of English.

When we got to Minneapolis,

it was English with a side order of Chinese!!

So long Florida and warmth!!

 It was a good time.

Hello to the blizzard and -27C.

I am off to Kenossee, Saskatchewan for the weekend
 to sew by a fireplace with our Guild!

A different kind of getaway...

Snow,woods,the hum of sewing machines,
 and lots of laughs!!

Thanks to all the girls for changing it so I could come!!

 I stocked up on limes and mint....
just 'cause it's cold doesn't mean you shouldn't stay refreshed!


  1. I loved traveling along with you, Christa, via your blog. That banyan tree is cool. Have a great retreat and post lots of pictures of quilts and antics.

  2. Forgot to say that I read about you on the Scrap Squad. You are about to enter the best era of your life ... grandmotherhood! Any quilts made for him/her/them yet?

  3. I wouldn't say that there is a shortage of quilts around moms house, as when her sister comes to visit and stays in the spare rooms she asks if she could take one home she could really use one. And mom replies she has none right now! There's only twenty in the shelves and beds, but she is not done loving those ones just yet! So a special one may just need to be made for the new family member.


  4. Justin, you'll have to tell your mom the stats: quilters give away 85% of what they make. I bet the new family member will get a half dozen baby quilts from Grandma. I meant to tell you that you blog as well as your mom; I enjoyed your entries. Be careful what you get from "Western Producer." Many years ago my uncle got his wife from "Western Producer." I'm not kidding! And let's just say that it might not have been his best decision; she's definitely my most eccentric aunt.


Thank you for reading and hope your enjoyed!!