Friday, February 22, 2013

Off to Ambrose

Our guild has a post office box in a little town in North Dakota called Ambrose.

Population: 26

I must say we have made mighty good use of this box.

I think we are helping to keep it open!!

I send my parents 'treats' regularly to Yuma throughout the winter....


the Vintas and 'Producers' are on their way, Mom!!

In exchange, my package from Quilting by the Bay had arrived.

See these patterns using Ombre jelly rolls!!!

Now how can one resist!!

They are just screaming 'Easter' and 'Spring is in the air'!!

While packing Mom's stuff at the Ambrose Post Office,

we noticed these little suckers.

How cute!!

They are stamped for the USPS and the stick says Ambrose Post Office.

Then it was off to Crosby, ND.

It has such an amazing Main Street with this beautiful Courthouse at the end.

For a little town of 1,100 people
 it has a flower shop, hardware store, grocery store and a super little furniture store, and even a little quilt/book store.

Justin heard these crackers were all the rage....

So like fools we tried them...

 ahhhh.... yeah... NOOO!!

I will stick with Vintas!!

I found these at the hardware store.

Pretty AND Steel toed for calving!!

I think I am ready for Spring!!

Tomorrow our guild is having a sewing bee to make a banner.

Sneak peak...

This was not in Brenda King's book -

Down in the Valley!!

Every village needs an outhouse!!

Stay tuned.....



  1. I help to keep the Ambrose Post Office open too! I send packages to Norway from there and get several magazine subscriptions sent there. Oh yes, and items from eBay!
    I like those calving boots!

    1. Sometimes that Box is a little toooo handy!! Those cows should see me coming now!!

  2. Christa, you are going to turn Torquay into a retirement town with your lures for it such as your quilt guild and your proximity to the States for mail pickup! Some year ago the quilting forum at had an outhouse block swap; there were lots of creative ones. Maybe your guild and ours should have a swap.

    1. I will definitely pass that by the girls today! We are gathering to create a pp village today!!


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