Thursday, February 14, 2013

Paddle to the Amazon

 That's what my body feels like today!!

That trucker I was waiting for FINALLY showed up.

Only 2 days late...

It was a pretty gorgeous day and all was going fine.

Till a hydrolic hose broke on the drag auger....

That's when this primitive shovel came into play.

I am more of a paddler than a shoveller so I imagined myself kayaking down the river.

Thank goodness my kayak was built for 2 and Arnold was along for the ride!

I know why people had 10 kids in the pioneer days....could have used some pinch paddlers yesterday.

Only 600 bushels of the 900 that went on that truck!!

Those are the days I wish I was the supervising cat in the family!

I think since it IS Valentine's Day,
a shiny new hopper bin would be an awesome gift!!

But the only thing shiny I will be seeing today is the inside of this chocolate heart.

I earned it.

Happy Valentine's Day



  1. I am sooo sorry! Your three children had to work. We wouldn't want to miss all that fun! Next time maybe . . .



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