Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Road trip to Paris...

Not quite..

Justin had to deliver equipment to Vibank so I went along for the ride...

 which took us through Montemartre,Saskatchewan.

They have their own Eiffel Tower and a great Boutique called Sisters.

I have heard alot about this store but never seem to go that route.

It was filled with unique and interesting things.

One of a kind clothing to interesting shoes.

I loved this antique display unit!!

It was a colorful space with lots to see everywhere you looked!!

The Bistro is in the back where Justin and I

 had some dill pickle soup and  gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch. 

Not every town can point out where their Tower is!!

Then it was off to Vibank, Saskatchewan...

where the old nunnery has become the home for a daycare, hairdresser, dance studio, The Grotto(the Mexican Restaurant) and many more businesses.

It is the nicest most inviting version of a mall a small town could ask for.

What a great use of space!!

We had originally planned to eat at The Grotto which we hear has authentic Mexican food but maybe next time!

This Prairie Fitness on Main Street made me chuckle to see what might have been a hotel or something in its past.

I think it is great to see these old buildings with such character given a new life.

Tomorrow it's off to Deadwood, South Dakota for the weekend with family.

I see a couple of quilt shops stops in my near future!



  1. Have fun in Deadwood and see you when you get home.

  2. I must agree that repurposing these buildings is a brilliant idea. Love your road trip snaps.


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