Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Scrap Squad Mix-up

It's a new day and looks like it's going to be a beautiful one.

At the same time as Justin sent me this right now...

I was taking this picture out my kitchen window.

Great minds....

I was really looking to see if my truckers for my flax are coming yet but loved the sky.

In the mean time....

My focus was abruptly disrupted on the Scrap Squad #2.

I was on a roll with what was supposed to be the 2nd quilt.

I had 160 out of 208 3"squares done.

A stop work order was put out.

Wrong pattern!!

We haven't been notified if that quilt will be a contender down the road

but Justin already has dibbs on that one!

Once receiving the right 2nd quilt pattern, I shifted my focus to a whole new colorline.

After all, 2 blue/brown quilts in a row?!?!?

I had these vintage cars and thought it would be fitting to go with racing colors.

Red, Black and White.

This pattern is by Robin Waggoner.

It involves some paper piecing and strip piecing.

I managed to finish it yesterday but you will have to wait till April for the debut!

Now back to the previously recorded program....

I was liking this one!!

Have a sunny day

Waving Good Afternoon Sun animated emoticon


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